The Friends of the Jordan Bramley Library
Jordan Bramley Library
15 Mechanic Street ~ POB 923
Jordan, New York 13080
Member Meetings are held the 1st Wednesday of the month at 11:30 am in the Community Room
Monday           11 ~ 8  
Tuesday          11 ~ 7
Wednesday     11 ~ 7
Thursday        11 ~ 7
Friday            11 ~ 3
Saturday        10 ~ 2
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In the back of the Library, in its own little corner, is the Book Nook.
Used books, magazines and other media are donated to the Book Nook for others to enjoy.
There are many genres to choose from all sorted by type and sometimes author.
Large print, paper back, hardcover, selection of magazines, DVDs, CDs and Audio Books.
Come on in and sneak off to the back to browse in your own little corner.

Introducing... 'The Book Nook's Back Room'.
The back room has opened up the Book Nook for a lot more books and genres.
Such as Automotive, Sci-Fi, Westerns and DIY.
There also is overflow from the Front Room.
Check out our new Magazine Rack!
New book sign up, so we can be on the look out for a book you are trying to find.

For those donating to the Book Nook,
please remember we cannot accept:

Dirty or Moldy Books
National Geographic Magazines
Reference Materials

These kind of books can be recycled right at your own home.

Thank You,
The Friends
Please consider a donation to the Library.