The Friends of the Jordan Bramley Library
Jordan Bramley Library
15 Mechanic Street ~ POB 923
Jordan, New York 13080
Member Meetings are held the 1st Wednesday of the month at 11:30 am in the Community Room
Monday           11 ~ 8  
Tuesday          11 ~ 7
Wednesday     11 ~ 7
Thursday        11 ~ 7
Friday            11 ~ 3
Saturday        10 ~ 2
Copyright © July 2020   The Friends of the Jordan Bramley Library
You made it here
so you must be interested?
To be a Friend you must first have a love for your Library. Your feelings have to come from your heart.

Our group tends to stay in the background.
Like a silent partner with the Library.
But don't be fooled, what we do is very important work.

The Friends run all the fund raisers for programs, events and supply the funds
for the Library when they are
beyond their resources.

We supply funds for new Large Print Books, new DVD/CDs, the newspaper and magazines.
We donate the Book Page, a monthly publication containing the latest books,children books, audio, reviews and author interviews.
We built this website so the community can be informed about what's happening with our fund raisers and   at the Library!
Some members sit on committees of other
community organizations, making the flow of information from them invaluable to our success.

The Friends made it possible to obtain a
media center for the Community Room.
This will bring in organizations or businesses needing overhead projection for their presentations.
We do a lot more than people realize. Don't be mistaken, it's not for the glory;
it's because we love our Library and the good it does for our community.
Please consider joining us. Remember, each member does what they can, when they can.
No questions asked!
We even help design the bulletin board in the lobby so patrons know as soon as they
open the door what's cookin'.
The money from our fund raisers go to
Kids Crafts, Special Programs, 
the Summer Reading Program,
and Adult Programs.

These programs are what makes
our Libriary special